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I'm sure all of us have been burned at least once in their lives - the first time you tried to cook a meal your mother when she is not feeling well, cold night, you tried to light a fire in the fireplace, a campfire on a college trip, or while doing something as simple as lighting a match stick or a candle! You look around, and almost never have anything in your fingertips can be quickly applied to burns to soothe the pain! An aloe vera plant nearby could have done the trick though, you know? These hardy plants can grow in most soils and does not need special care. There is a potted aloe on your kitchen window sill or on a balcony can be a good idea!
How to use Aloe Vera to treat Burns
► First, and most importantly - Do not panic if you get a burn! Most of the pain we feel is all in our heads!
► Cut off part of the aloe leaf with a sharp pair of scissors. You can even simply break it off by hand, but the pull is better; especially if you have burned your hand!
► Take a clean bowl and squeeze the leaves. The aloe vera gel stick will come out of the leaves.
► Scoop the gel out of the bowl and apply it on the burn site.
► Alternatively, you can squeeze the aloe leaf gel directly to the burn.
► Massage gently on the burn. Do not rub too hard. If it burns on the massage, do not panic! It is not because the gel, but most probably because of the friction caused by rubbing.
If massage caused a burning sensation intensified, just gently apply the gel to the burn. You can even blow up the burn, it will help.
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Why Aloe Vera works
Aloe vera is in fact the scientific name of the tree. It belongs to the limbs and called Aloe vera aloe is right or even drugs. There are many uses of aloe healing known to us. However, it would be quite surprising for some of you to know that there is no reference document why aloe vera works, or what the mechanism of action of aloe vera gel is! However, sometimes experience teaches us more than a 'reference document'! Aloe vera is very often used in beauty products, perfume and many other things. Aloe juice is objective sale also! people actually consume it for that really have some benefits of this herbal juice and it helps treat inflammatory diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, and even help resolve diabetes .
For burns with, the fact that aloe vera is a succulent plants must act big contribution. succulent plants are those who store a lot of water in their stems to the branches become soft, thick, fleshy and full of water! The last leaf fell to really, really small structures, or adapting to frequent spikes. The gel also showed almost no side effects from the ingredients are all familiar with the body - water, vitamins, organic acids, steroids, sugar. Many of the medicinal properties of aloe vera gel is said to be due to the presence of polysaccharides. Other components of the gel consists of amino acids and proteins.

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